Hartmut Goebel <h.goe...@crazy-compilers.com> skribis:

> Result
> ==========
> We can avoid all of the problems related to how Guix is using PYTHONPATH
> quite simple. This will work for virtual environments, too.

I may well have missed something (sorry about that!), but what are “the
problems related to how Guix is using PYTHONPATH”?

My first reaction is that Guix is not doing anything special with
PYTHONPATH, and only defining it as documented by upstream.

For example:

> Preliminary Proposal
> =======================
> To be able to install different minor versions of Python in the same
> profile, any environment variable should contain the minor version, too.
> E.g. …-3.5.

If you’re suggesting to have a ‘PYTHONPATH3-5’ environment variable
instead of ‘PYTHONPATH’, I agree it could be helpful if we are to
install different versions of Python in one profile.  However, it’s a
choice for upstream to make, and upstream did not make that choice.

There’s one case where we went our way instead of following upstream,
and that is ‘GUIX_LOCPATH’.  There are strong justifications, though.


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