Eric Bavier <> writes:

> I recently discovered that the FFTW library can do runtime cpu
> detection.

Cool!  I'm not familiar with this library, but the patch seems pretty
reasonable to me.

> In order to do this, the package needs to be configured to build SIMD
> "codelets", like how our 'fftw-avx' currently does.  Then, based on
> the instruction support detected at runtime, make those kernels
> available to the fftw "planner" for execution.

So, if we choose the right configure flags at build time (for the given
architecture), then at runtime, the software will detect the CPU and
either perform better or make more features available.  Is that right?

I see you added the "--enable-sse" configure flag, and it not present
before.  Why did you add it?


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