Hello fellow guixers,

I posted a brand new post in my little personal somewhat indie blog

It's about Guix, Guile and Free Software in general. From my very own point
of view

You can find it here

There's also a feed, reachable here

I hope you're not bothered by this shamelessly self promotional post on the
mailing list

But I remember Ludo saying that not only new packages and services would be
needed for the future of Guix but also community oriented stuff such as
blog posts and maybe screencasts and so on

The blog is made with Haunt and it's completely Javascript free. This
should make the consultation easier from Tor

Too bad I couldn't take care of the fonts yet so it still points to some
Google provided fonts 😓

Also, I host it on a vps by netcup.de, a German provider, I don't know how
that fares with Tor either.
I hope not too bad

So, this is it

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