Ludovic Courtès transcribed 474 bytes:
> Hi,
> Nils Gillmann <> skribis:
> > Seems like is currently either very slow or having troubles
> > with the actual software distribution. The signatures landed on there,
> > the rest has yet to materialize.
> I think you made a mistake:
>    gnurl-7.59.0.tar.gz.sig
>    gnurl-7.59.0.tar.gz.sig.sig
> You’ll have to reupload without the extra .sig.  :-)

There were (are?) some issues on FTP side, they applied my new key
before realizing my new is too recent for their gpg. I'm currently
waiting on the result of the thread about this.
Furthermore it seems like the system can not cope very well with
anything that is not gpg and uses .sig ;) My signify signatures are
.sig, my gpg signatures are .asc ..
Anyway, we have to resolve some issues and archive some files in our

Thanks :)

> I’ve applied the patch since there’s a fallback URL anyway.
> Thanks,
> Ludo’.

I'm looking into switching gnurl to bmake + mk-config. I've already got the
tools on my side.
Do you want me to continue the native autotools support for Guix in gnurl,
derived from curl? Or would it be okay to switch guix over to bmake +
mk-config if it works out for gnurl?

I'm asking because I could manage to support 2 build-system, it just would
be a bit unconvenient for me.

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