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> On Wed, May 16, 2018 at 10:22:27PM -0700, Chris Marusich wrote:
>> The LibreOffice version scheme is described here:
>> https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/ReleasePlan#Version_scheme
>> It looks like version is supposed to be the 2nd release
>> candidate of the 7th bugfix release in the 5.4 series.  This appears to
>> be the ChangeLog going from to
> Thanks for looking this up. I didn't realize was a release
> candidate.

I chatted with some folks in #libreoffice on Freenode, and I learned the
following facts about the LibreOffice release procedure:

* They always maintains two versions simultaneously.  Right now that's
  version 6 and version 5.

* The release of 5.4.7 has not yet been announced.  It looks like
  announcements happen here:

* For a given version X.Y.Z, the release cycle behaves like this:

  * Before the release is announced, any number of X.Y.Z.N release
    candidates may be published.  Based on what we saw just recently, as
    new releases are added, the old ones will be removed from the main
    download location.

  * Once the release is announced, no further X.Y.Z.N release candidates
    will be published, and the last "N" is used as the X.Y.Z release.

So, the reason replaced when it came out is because the
5.4.7 release hasn't been announced yet.  Until the 5.4.7 release has
been announced, we might see more release candidates (e.g.,

>> Is there any reason we shouldn't just use the latest LibreOffice
>> release, which appears to be
> I did the update instead of 6.1 because I figured it would
> probably build without having to tweak the package recipe (it did) and I
> was short on time.
> There's no reason to delay updating to LibreOffice 6.

OK.  Since LibreOffice officially supports both 5 and 6, we could also
choose to offer both 5 and 6 if the maintenance burden isn't too high.
I do not plan to add this myself (but I might - you never know), so
anyone who is interested should feel free to try adding LibreOffice 6.

>> FYI, when I asked on the LibreOffice IRC channel, they told me that old
>> releases can be found here:
>> http://downloadarchive.documentfoundation.org/libreoffice/old/
>> Maybe we should add the "old" archives (and mirrors thereof, if any
>> exist) to the list of mirrors, so that when they remove a published
>> release, we have a chance of automatically fetching it from the "old"
>> archives.  What do you think?
> Yes, we should add this alternate address.

Actually, today they told me that the "old" location contains
everything, even the new releases.  To simplify things, perhaps we
should always just use the "old" location.  What do you think?


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