Hello everyone,

Thank you for the proposed ways of dealing with the problem I've faced.
Eventually, I have managed to run Danny's application locally. I have
learned all the queries to Cuirass web API which the application sends and
the general workflow of the interface.

I have started thinking about the type of web interface we want to have for
Cuirass in this project. As far as I see, there are two options:

   - a web application served by Cuirass web server;
   - a standalone static site which sends queries to the Cuirass web API
   (this is similar to Danny's application);

I suppose that the first option has more benefits since it allows to choose
the exact type of information required to be extracted from the database by
a specific part of the web interface. What do think regarding these options?

Since I am a newcomer to the guix developers team, I have a question
related to the interface development workflow. Once we choose the desired
type of the web interface, I will start implementing it. How will we
organize the development process? More precisely, where should I place the
implemented code in order to provide access to it for our team? In my
experience, I have used to create the separate branch in the git
repository. I would like to know which way of doing this you would prefer.

Best regards,

2018-05-14 7:20 GMT+03:00 Ricardo Wurmus <rek...@elephly.net>:

> Hi Tatiana,
> > Unfortunately, I have no experience of IRC usage and I'm not sure how to
> do
> > in a proper way. Of course, I would like to communicate with the
> community,
> > but I'm not sure which discussions are relevant in the IRC. For instance,
> > could I ask questions on building issues similar to ones I've
> encountered?
> Yes, anything relating to the project that is easier discussed live is
> appropriate for the IRC channel.
> If you don’t have an IRC client you can use
>     https://webchat.freenode.net/
> Input any nickname and #guix as the channel.
> --
> Ricardo

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