Clément Lassieur <> skribis:

> Ludovic Courtès <> writes:
>>> 1. Adding support for multiple inputs.  Currently Cuirass only supports
>>> one input per specification, which has to be the Guix git repository.
>>> But one might want inputs for:
>>>   - a repository containing the 'proc' that returns the jobs,
>>>   - a repository containing extra packages (GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH).
>>> Those inputs would be fetched at INTERVAL as well, and any change would
>>> trigger an evaluation.  This is a follow-up of
>> Excellent.  I think the polling interval should be per input, while
>> we’re at it.
> Indeed, but that would complicate things.  Would it make sense to do it
> in another commit?

Sure, this can definitely be done later, I was just mentioning it in


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