Hi Guix!

containerd fails to build on my system! :-(

❯ sudo guix system reconfigure ~/config/system.config.scm
building /gnu/store/gal5f2xm3476jvfpf2x91hjrp4ccj36i-containerd-1.2.5.drv...
- 'check' phasebuilder for 
`/gnu/store/gal5f2xm3476jvfpf2x91hjrp4ccj36i-containerd-1.2.5.drv' failed with 
exit code 1
build of /gnu/store/gal5f2xm3476jvfpf2x91hjrp4ccj36i-containerd-1.2.5.drv failed
View build log at 
guix system: error: build of 
`/gnu/store/gal5f2xm3476jvfpf2x91hjrp4ccj36i-containerd-1.2.5.drv' failed

I checked out the latest Guix version and ran:

❯ ./pre-inst-env guix build containerd

but this ends up with:

phase `build' succeeded after 17.3 seconds
starting phase `check'
flag provided but not defined: -test.testlogfile
Usage of 
  -address string
        The address to the containerd socket for use in the tests (default 
        Do not run the checkpoint tests
        Do not start a dedicated daemon for the tests
        enable tests that require root
FAIL    github.com/containerd/containerd        0.004s
command "go" "test" "github.com/containerd/containerd" failed with status 1

Any idea?!


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