Goa Feni has Fans Around The World

Intoxicate yourself with the drink that will fascinate you and will take you into a world of dreams says Richie George

 Goa has many charms...to count on we have beaches, churches, forts, night life and off course Feni. Now this may sound obscured but Goa and Feni cannot be parted. The name Feni instantly flashes images of drunken Goan fisher man near the beach singing a melodious Goan song and enjoying the occassion. Synonmous with Goa, Feni has its own legacy to tell.

One of the cheapest booze, Feni is basically a local brew distilled out of local sap. Not only conquering hearts of many Indians, the drink has crossed borders and has created a niche for itself in the world market. Middle East, Europe, Australia and Canada are few regions to name where Feni has gained popularity. Some of the major stores in London have started selling Feni and thus provinding Goan Feni a new market. Interestingly, Vijaya Mallaya, India's one of the leading liquor baron-turned politician, is promoting Goan Feni in the international market."Being a frequent visitor to Goa, I am familiar with Feni. I know it has a potential to hit the international market" Vijaya Mallaya

Available in two forms - Madachi (Coconut) and Cajuchi (Cashew), Feni has something that every person loves. If not first time, you will definitely fall in love second time. Madachi or cocunut Feni is made from cocunut sap while the Cajuchi or the Cashew Feni is made of Cashew sap. Both of them requires an elaborate process of fermentation and are seasonal.

Brought by Portuguese, this Goan drink many manufacturers in Goa want Goa Feni to be patent on the similar lines of Scotch Whishky, French Champaign or Russian whisky. Costing from Rs 50- 150, the Goan Feni is a delight for many connoisseurs. Goa's Feni is a popular product that sells like hot cakes among the millions of Indian and foreign tourists, who visit the tiny emerald state. Besides distilling it for local consumption, Feni is also being bottled in a pure as well as blended form.

Unlike many, one or two peg of Feni will take you into a wonder land where everything is merely a dream. It give's an instant kick and a new high to a person.

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