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Hi everyone,

as a follow-up to the announcement about Damian's course on 19 April, we may have a few seats available for some of his courses. This is done on a pure "cost recovery" basis, and the number of seats is strictly limited.

The courses are described on page


In summary:

  * Understanding Perl Regexes for Bioinformatics - Mon Apr 19th, 2010
  * Perl Parsing Techniques for Bioinformatics - Tue Apr 20th, 2010
  * The Productive Programmer (morning) - Wed Apr 21st, 2010
  * Mastering Perl Data Structures (afternoon) - Wed Apr 21st, 2010
  * Introduction to Object Oriented Perl - Thu Apr 22nd, 2010
  * Advanced Technical Presentation Techniques - Fri Apr 23rd, 2010

Price is 200 CHF per course (half-day or full day).

If you are interested, please send me an email as soon as possible (note that I'll be away after Easter) -- first come first serve.

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