Para los que usan Zentyal:

Se ha anunciado la 5.1 oficialmente:


Zentyal Server 5.1 is based on the latest Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS and comes
with the most recent versions of all the integrated software. Most
important new features and improvements include:

    1-Linux 4.13: Ubuntu HWE Kernel with support for recent hardware and
    not vulnerable to Meltdown and Spectre 

    2-New IDS/IPS module (Parece estar bueno aunque no lo he probado

    3-New FTP module (Retomaron este modulo)

    4-Integration of SOGo 4.0 (Ahh el webmail esta very UX)

    5-Integration of ejabberd 17.07 (Esto es patada por caratula para
    los que usan openfire)

In addition, this version comes with important bugfixes, usability and
performance improvements, specially in Network, Samba, DNS and HTTP
Proxy modules (see full changelog for details).

Full list of supported features available at

Esta es la linea del sources.list

deb 5.1 main extra

Aunque lo que recomiendo es hacer un mirror de ellos si es posible.

Aqui la lista de modulos disponibles:

    1 core
    2 antivirus
    3 dhcp
    4 dns
    5 ftp
    6 ips
    7 jabber
    8 mail
    9 network
    10 openvpn
    11 samba
    12 software
    13 sogo
    14 squid
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