Hi Bjørn,

see what mounts are shown in UI and consequently automounted by GNOME Shell:

So you can:
- hide those mounts from UI e.g. using "x-gvfs-hide" mount option, or
- disable automounting at all by "org.gnome.desktop.media-handling
automount" gsettings property.

Does it fulfill your needs?



2016-09-19 15:29 GMT+02:00 Bjørn Forsman <bjorn.fors...@gmail.com>:

> Hi GVFS developers,
> I'm trying to setup lazy sshfs mounting with autofs on my machine, but
> gvfs keeps auto-mounting it:
> Systemd journal snippet:
>     systemd[1]: home-bfo-mnt-ul30a.local.automount: Got automount
> request for /home/bfo/mnt/ul30a.local, triggered by 2166
> (gvfs-udisks2-vo)
>     systemd[1]: Mounting /home/bfo/mnt/ul30a.local...
> If/when that remote filesystem is inaccessible, after a few iterations
> of failed mounts, the systemd unit enters failed state ("Start request
> repeated too quickly").
> I'm sure I can somewhat improve the situation by tweaking systemd
> RestartSec= and Restart= directives. But it's a hack, not a solution.
> Any thoughts?
> I'm running NixOS 16.09 which comes with gvfs-1.22.4. I know that is
> over a year old, but even the latest gvfs from git master branch
> doesn't mention 'autofs', so I figured nothing has changed in that
> area.
> Best regards,
> Bjørn Forsman
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