I'm running a fresh install of CentOS 7, fully updated, with the epel and
google repositories added to my repo list.

yum info gvfs.x86_64 shows
 Version 1.30.4
 Release 3.el7

This package provides gvfsd and the backends, including gvfsd-admin.   I
noticed a typo in the man-page for gvfsd while I was trying to trouble
shoot a problem I'm having and thought I should mention that first, in case
it's not fixed in the latest upstream release.   I see the following text
in the man-page for gvfsd:

 It spawns new backends when requested and keeps track fo their lifecycle,
 maintaining a list of active mounts and creates direct connections to

I believe 'keeps track fo their lifecycle' should actually read 'keeps
track of their lifecycle'.

My main problem is when I try to use the gvfsd-admin backend, it fails.
 For example, in Nautilus, I hit CTRL-L and type admin:///root   and
eventually, it times out.    Same with gedit.

I've even tried using gio list admin:///root

I followed the debugging instructions located at:

And every time I try to access a directory or file using the admin-backend
(which I believe gvfsd should be starting automatically), I see the
following message:

Refusing to render service to dead parents.

I've reached out to the CentOS 7 forum members to see if they could
possibly reproduce the error, but I haven't received a response yet and I'm
not sure how to continue.    Would anyone know what I might be doing wrong

As a temporary work-around, I create a Gnome auto-start file that executes
a bash script that executes:
 pkexec /usr/libexec/gvfsd-admin --address $DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS

And this allows me to successfully use the backend.   dmesg shows:

42094.083046] fuse init (API version 7.22)
[42098.844999] warning: `gvfsd-admin' uses 32-bit capabilities (legacy
support in use)

But I don't think gvfsd-admin using 32-bit capabilities is causing my
issue.    Any suggestions?

I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask.   The mailing list page said:
This list is about development and use of gvfs, a virtual filesystem
implementation for gio.

So to me, because this involves the use of gvfs, and it's backends, I
thought it was the perfect place to get help.

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