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the certification of the course about Geographic Information Systems applied to municipality management as well as the links to the complete course are now available.

This certification period is opened after the publishing of the last modules of the course, but it will be open continuously, so that any user can get it at any moment when the different modules are finished.

The course is totally free, through 24 videotutorials where the different tools available in gvSIG Desktop for municipality management are shown, apart from how to use gvSIG Mobile, the mobile application for census, inventory, inspections... management. At the end of the course there are several modules about gvSIG Online, the integral platform to create Spatial Data Infrastructures, that allows to manage a municipality internally in an efficient way as well as to publish cartography to be consulted by the citizens.

To get this certification, a complete exercise must be completed, and it has a minimum cost of € 30, necessary to cover the expenses related to the evaluation and certification. The user will get two certificates:

  - Course completion certificate, which will include all the information related to the training contents acquired.   - Official gvSIG User certificate, having completed the 90 credits necessary for this.

Both the information about the certification and the links to the complete course are available from the gvSIG Blog [1]

[1] https://blog.gvsig.org/2018/03/12/gis-applied-to-municipality-management-certification-and-links-to-the-complete-course/


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