Il 12/10/2016 14:44, Silvia Franceschi ha scritto:
Dear all,
sorry for asking here, but I can not find any information about the
possibility to handle 3D vector layers (as shapefiles) in gvSIG.
Is it possible to create/modify a 3D vector layer (point, line) in gvSIG?

I have two types of data to modify:
- a 2D point layer with a column of z of which I would create a 3D point
- a 2D line layer with a column containing the elevation of each corner
of the line which I would create a 3D line layer.

Any idea on how I can do?

Hi Silvia,
these kind of tasks are easy to solve using OGR (available in gvSIG 2.3).
For instance: ogr2ogr layer3D.shp layer2D.shp -zfield z
So this may be matter of a Jython script in gvSIG.


Antonio Falciano
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