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This is a stable version continuing the 2.x series, backward compatible with
previous 2.x versions.

More information about Gwyddion is available at

Bugs should be reported to

the mailing list, or the project's web forum at SourceForge.


Summary of changes:
- Translations updated: Czech, French, Italian, Russian.
- Toolbox: Is now editable in the program using Edit → Toolbox.  It is possible
  to specify whether a button runs the function interactively or not.

- libgwyddion: GwySIUnit can parse prefixed spelled out unit names such as
  "Millimetre" or "nanoampere".
- libgwyddion: Gaussian fitting function estimator was improved.
- libgwyddion: GwyRandGenSet function for random shuffled subsets was added.
- libgwyddion: GwyNLFitter can report progress and scales much better.  It
  has new interface for fitting of fully opaque indexed data.
- libgwyddion: Function for inversion of symmetric positive definite matrix
  was added.
- libgwyddion: Macros gwy_assign, GWY_FREE, GWY_SI_VALUE_FORMAT_FREE were
  added, as well as capitalised versions of gwy_object_unref and
- libgwyddion: Functions for direct construction and clonning of
  GwySIValueFormats were added.
- libgwyprocess: GwyPeaks, graph curve peak finder with functionality similar
  to the Graph Peaks module, was added.
- libgwyprocess: Functions for field rotation by multiples of 90 and rotation
  in real space with several sizing options were added.
- libgwyprocess: An obscure case of GwyTriangulation failure now fails
  gracefully instead of on a failed assertion.
- libgwyprocess: gwy_data_line_get_psdf() should finally actually work.
- libgwyprocess: GwyDataField line-stats function with proper masking support
  was added.
- libgwyprocess: Convenience functions for copying units between GwySurface
  and GwyDataField were added.
- libgwyprocess: Construction of GwySurface from a GwyDataField with masking
  support was added.
- libgwyprocess: gwy_data_field_mark_scars() was added as a public function.
- libdraw: Memory handling bugs in GwyGradient updates were fixed.
- libgwydgets: Graph ASCII export can create multi-column files with a single
  merged abscissa.  Exported values are always in base units (not power of 10
- libgwydgets: A large number of new stock icons were added.
- libgwyapp: Critical _gwy_app_log_start_message_capture() error when opening
  files from standalone Python scripts was fixed.
- libgwyapp: gwy_app_wait_set_fraction() automatically limits how often the
  Gtk+ main loop is let to run.
- libgwyapp: Data visibility restoration for files containing volume and XYZ
  data was fixed.
- libgwyapp: XYZ data preview is automatically updated when the data change.
- libgwyapp: Helper for previewing GwySurface into a GwyDataField was added.

- Dektak XML (new): Imports Dektak XML profilometry data.
- Dimension (new): Imports old Dimension 3100D files (experimental).
- XYZ Level (new): Simple XYZ data levelling: fix zero, zero mean value
  (unweighted), plane levelling by subtraction and true rotation.
- Fit shape (new): Fits various geometrical shapes on entire data.  Available
  both as image and XYZ data processing function.
- Logistic regression (new): Image segmentation based on logistic regression.
- Fit sphere: Was removed, use new Fit shape module instead.
- Row/column statistics tool: Masking support was added.  The misguided fixed
  resolution option was removed.
- Statistical quantities tool: Automatic selection of units and precision for
  the displayed quantities was improved.
- XYZize: XYZ log is created for the new XYZ data, not volume data log.
- Pygwy: Containers can be directly indexed both by strings and integers
  (quarks).  Overrides for Container methods get_value() and set_value() were
- Limit Range: Units with exponents are displayed correctly now.
- SPIP ASC: Can also export data to .asc now.
- Image export: Can export to WebP (lossless) now if libwebp is available.
  Units of false colour map scale are somewhat controllable.  The colour of
  lines and text drawn outside the image area is controllable; likewise the
  background colour – and for vector formats and PNG and WebP the background
  can be transparent (for vector formats that used to be the only possibility).
- Diffusion synthesis: Incorrect behaviour for non-square images was fixed.
- Selection manager tool: Can copy selection coordinates to the clipboard or
  export them to a file.
- Find graph peaks: A peak filtering bug resulting in sometimes the module
  not finding any useful peaks was fixed.
- Rotate: Cartesian grid can be optionally displayed over the data.  There
  are more result sizing options.  Rotation is performed in real space, not
  pixel space.
- Grain statistics: The values are displayed with more significant digits.
- Raw XYZ import: No longer loses the first data point in the file.
- Graph cut: The ‘cut all’ setting is remembered, some GUI improvements.
- Cross correlate: Introduced weighting function, result smoothing and
  extension and back-correction according to the results.
- Nanonis: Mask of invalid values is correctly flipped with the data now.
- JPK: Support for single point spectroscopy was added.
- TIFF-based file modules: Tiled TIFF images are supported now.
- K-means: Outliers threshold for calculation of cluster centers is added.
- Leica: Some kinds of high dimension data (tiles from tilescan) can also be
  imported as volume data.

- Development: API documentation not being installed with gtk-doc 1.25+ was
- Python: Standalone Python module gwy should no longer complain about
  libraries modules are linked with not being found.


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