Gwyddion 2.56 is now available for download at
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This is a stable version continuing the 2.x series, backward compatible with
previous 2.x versions.

More information about Gwyddion is available at

Bugs should be reported to

the mailing list, or the project's web forum at SourceForge.


Summary of changes:

- Translations updated: Czech, French, Russian.

- libgwyddion: Misparsing of long unit names starting with ‘Nan’ was fixed.
- libgwyddion: The broken and misguided geometric fit option of GwyNLFitter
  was made no-op.
- libgwyprocess: Power-exponential ACF fitting function was added.
- libgwyprocess: Function for conversion from 2D PSDF to angular spectrum was
- libgwyprocess: Unmasked gwy_data_field_area_dh() using data from the wrong
  place in the data field was corrected.
- libgwyprocess: ACF and HHCF functions with levelling argument now support
  value 2 (tilt removal).
- libgwyprocess: Functions for getting 1D minima and maxima positions with
- libgwyprocess: Basic GwyDataLine artithmetic functions were added.
- libgwyprocess: Crticial dimension circle functions work again.
- libgwyprocess: Half-sphere fitting shape was added.
- libgwyprocess: Local maxima refinement no longer needlesly fails when there
  are just a small total number of maxima.
- libgwyprocess: Vertical data field windowing using horizontal resolution as
  the size was fixed.  Windowing was changed from periodic to symmetric.
- libgwydgets: GwyDataWindow function for settings the zoom to fit the window
  reasonably to the screen was added.
- libgwyapp: Random crashes when showing graph thumbnails/previews due to
  double-free were fixed.
- libgwyapp: Ocassional wrong real rectangular selection coordinates due to
  X and Y mixup were fixed.
- libgwyapp: Workaround was added for occasional creation of huge windows when
  physically square display is enabled.

- HDF5 (new): Imports HDF5-based SPM formats, currently Asylum Research Ergo.
- Correlation length tool (new): Simple quick correlation length estimation.
- 3D formats (new): Exports data as 3D geometry definition files STL, PLY, OBJ
  and VTK; also imports point clouds.  It replaced the VTK export module and
  raw XYZ data import module.  XYZ can be rasterised directly upon import.
- VTK export, Raw XYZ import: Were removed and replaced by 3D formats.
- Nanoscope: 32bit files starting ‘EC File list’ are correctly read as 32bit.
  Trailing zero-filled segments are removed from single force curves.  Force
  curves should finally be imported with correct physical scales.
- WSxM: Data type ‘integer’ is recognised.
- Olympus OIR: Calculation of physical dimensions was corrected.
- WSF file: The Units header field is recognised and used for Z units.
- DM3 and DM4: Metadata support was added.
- Graph terraces: Can scan over a range of polynomial degrees and/or edge
  broadenings and save the table with results for all combinations to a file.
- GDEF: Support for boolean value type was added.
- Affine correction: Refine button broken by an ACF vs. PSDF mixup was fixed.
- Cross profile tool: Possible crash when switching to image which already has
  a selection was fixed.
- Align rows: Pure tilt correction method, similar to Facet level, was added.
- Line noise synthesis: New ‘Tilt’ noise type tilts scan lines randomly.
- Image export: Font name handling was changed, hopefully fixing inability to
  change the font on some systems.  Outline drawing was improved.
- Statistical functions: Angular spectrum function type was added.
- Row/Column statistics tool: Minimum and maximum position were added.
- 2D ACF: Reciprocal value of Str parameter was corrected.
- 2D PSDF: Parameters Std and Stdi were added.
- Step line correction: Image mean value is preserved.

- Build from svn: Test for inkscape version was added and the correct command
  line options are used accordingly.


Thanks all who contributed,


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