>From what I was told from a meteorologist student- there were several "mini"
ice ages, not just one. Told by someone who lives on the Rosebud
Reservation, you adapt to the cold.
And you will find in paintings where the gown is lined in fur. So I don't
think that drawers would have been worn for warmth, in all likelihood skirts
are warmer then drawers. The skirts contain the body heat, the trousers
The discussion of the "little ice age" would be slightly on topic as it
would pertain to possible reasons why/why not certain things were worn or
the validity of using LIA as a basis for use of a garment.

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Just a couple of bits.

 And quite honestly, "little ice age" or
not, I think that NOT wearing something under your skirts in a Scandinavian
winter is unlikely.

In Italy, things might be different.

I have rants on the ubiquity of the "little ice age" as an an excuse for
things, and the "women were pregnant all the time" myth, but I think they
may be off topic for this list.


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