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On 12/17/2015 12:56 PM, Agnes Gawne wrote:
The Whole 9 Yards fabric store in Portland had a great selection of Art
Nouveau and Arts and Craft type drapery textiles last time I was in there.
The good news is no sales tax in Oregon, the bad news, the store is in
Oregon.  They do shipping.
(503) 223-2880
Mon - Fri 10-6 Sat 10-5
1820 E Burnside St
Portland, OR 97214

Good luck with your house.

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I'm still here and have been since h-costume started.  I am not sewing any
garments because I have to make all the drapes for a 5,000-square-foot house
my husband and I bought in June and have not moved into yet. (Not to mention
a lot of time-consuming stuff like picking out paint colors and Arts &
Crafts cabinet knobs.) Not a fixer-upper but lots of work being done, like
complete kitchen remodeling, installing hardwood floors in several rooms
that did not have them already, and painting. Then the landscaping needed
work too.
Everything takes longer than it was supposed to.

The house is a 1940s Colonial Revival and we are furnishing it combined Arts
& Crafts/Art Nouveau style. Many features like oak flooring and a fireplace
with green tile carry over quite well. The sellers took all the window
coverings, which we probably wouldn't have liked anyway.
Some of the windows are fairly strange sizes and we ordered historic
reproduction custom-made roller shades for most of them. Which BTW turned
out not to cost any more than most of the ready-made shades I looked at, and
they're actually cotton instead of polyester.

The challenge I am facing is getting the fabric for the drapes.  It seems I
want a fairly flat look, probably 1 1/2 times fullness. Since this is not a
bungalow, I figured a general-Victorian-look brocade is OK, and I have a lot
of that in my stash, though in many cases not enough for a window. And I had
some embroidered linen I bought online that turned out to have motifs too
large for clothes. For three rooms that only have one window, what with only
1 1/2 times fullness I managed to squeeze three windows' worth of drapes out
of stash fabric.

The rest of the fabric is proving to be a pain to find. So if anyone knows
where to buy repro Arts & Crafts or Art Nouveau drapery fabric in quantities
up to 18 yards for a single room, I'd LOVE to know.  It seems I can use a
textured fabric such as dupioni or linen (preferably stenciled linen) if I
have to, but I wanted to furnish some rooms with Art Nouveau brocades.

Have to say I think the average "bungalow" decorating book (trendier than
just Arts & Crafts) is somewhat misleading on recommending no drapes at all
or maybe only sheer drapes if you must have something.
The few period pictures mostly show the usual set of lace drapes, outer
drapes, sometimes a valance as well. The Victorians and Edwardians didn't
want the sun full on their faces at dawn, or the neighbors peering into
their windows, any more than we do.

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