I'm still here, and my first project for the new year will be a very late
1500s-early 1600s middle class outfit from the skin out, for the Jamestown
Foundation's Historic Clothing Conference, "Tailored to a New World",
coming up in June.  To avoid conflicts for Jamestown visitors that weekend,
conference attendees have been asked to wear modern clothing while
attending classes, etc.--but there is a Fort Frolic one evening, where
period clothing is encouraged.  I'm working on the research phase of what a
middle-class woman would have worn to such a gathering, and want to make it
as historically accurate as I can, within time and ability constraints.
Nervous, but quite chuffed!!  :)

Hope you're all having a pleasant holiday season!

(aka Meli ferch Iasper ap Dafydd Du)
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