My Laurel cloak (SCA garment). Needs some minor repairs that I have not
completed--since August. Not lazy, merely overwhelmed with to-dos.
Monica Spence

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My mannequin is wearing a partially completed shift that was a massive fail.
I have to re-think the whole thing, so there it hangs.

Ann Wass

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One mannequin is holding a robe for Queen Anne, hems and trim are waiting
patiently, Queen Maud is fitfully pacing about because her coronation gown
is still without the sleeve lace she has chosen and it  has not arrived yet.
Her white morning robes are constantly being donned and cast aside. I fear
they will be dusty before the package has arrived!

We have a new client, (Mrs Jack Gardner) Isabella. She has been asked to sit
for Mr Sargent and has decided nothing in the closet will do. Measurements
have been taken and a lovely bolt of black silk velvet chosen. The patterns
are being drafted with the help of friend Miss Grimble. Mona is looking
wildly about for pearls We may have to get them matched and restrung as they
are to adorn the waist. Wish us God-speed as we have heard that she is Very
particular) (Truth be told, after our exploits with Q.Maud, I think we
should feel quite practiced in completing this project!!)
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I have a display mannequin in the lounge, but she is naked, she is mainly
holding a sci-fi alien headpiece up to prevent it deforming. So I'm going to
put that on once I finish typing :)

My dressform is loaned out to a friend, and the one I have borrowed in
replacement is also naked while I tidy my art space. I have just restored my
sewing/ironing desk top so I can actually start working again :) I have a
new removeable cover to finish sewing as well. Then I can iron huge applique
pieces again.

As for current projects:
Finally finishing my c1600 Spanish gown, stage one anyway. I decided I
probably won't have enough trim for the doublet and the galerilla as I
thought so doublet is a higher priority. It means all new stays, finishing
the underlayers and tracking down lace of a suitable size.
While doing this I have documentation to write up, which means a fair amount
of scanning so, ugh. Got that to look forward to.

I also have an Elsa spring gown to make (Frozen Fever) as the ice gown
sleeves can get a little warm at big children's events :)

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