I work at a university, so was able to get most of these books from the library, plus a couple more, and have been reading them. My plans to make one have been sidelined by a different sort of costume dilemma.

My son is getting married next month in LA, and I have no idea what to make to wear to an afternon wedding, with an evening reception. He wasn't much help (wear a bustle dress he said... she said, whatever. ) I want to make one of those lace and tulle dresses that seem to be popular, but don't want to look like I'm trying to outdo the bride/lost my way to the prom. I had hoped to either make to the costume museum or at least to the fabric district, but it doesn't look like it is really possible.

As for what's on my dummies ... one has a dark alice pinafore (big skirted wrap skirt with an apron top with lots of lace and ruffles - out of black and white skulls with little hearts fabric). and the other has a pretty white and gold late sixties dress with the beginnings of a pink, gold, and purple tulle fairy dress draped over it to see how it might look.

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I have the Shire book by Alice Armes, "English Smocks", (9th ed., Dryad
Press Ltd., London, 1987).  The section on the history of the English
smock only refers to men wearing smocks, but there is a later section on
the trade emblems embroidered on the smocks includes:  "Milkmaids -
churns, butter pats, hearts, etc.".  An embroidery pattern included with
the book is for these symbols.

It also says that:  "Elaborately decorated smocks were not produced
before the middle of the eighteenth century, and they reached their
greatest perfection in the early part of the nineteenth century." Two of
the illustrations are photographs of smocks in the Victoria and Albert
Museum, so their site could be worth a search; others are from county
museums, such as the Castle Museum, Nottingham.

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