BTW, I wanted curtain fabric by the yard because this house has six basic sizes of windows, plus a few outliers, and the architect had no problem with putting two or three sizes, shapes, and placements of windows in one room. I ended up buying lace drapes from all four of the historic lace drape sellers I mentioned, plus a heap of unused Quaker lace drapes from eBay. But, back when I was searching for an all-natural fabric that would give me a uniform look on the sheer drapes, I bought some of this from the Etsy seller FabricTreasury:

This is a very thin, good-quality, 100% cotton muslin suitable for a variety of historic dresses. The seller has several other woven patterns of it and as she points out, it can be dyed. I tested shrinkage and it shrinks a lot, so thorough preshrinking is essential. It's the kind of fabric you could pull through a wedding ring and it will be a pain to sew. I decided on hand sewing as being overall less trouble than machine sewing over tissue paper. Then decided not to use this fabric right now because I already have to sew all the outer drapes; the seller took all their window coverings. Maybe I'll use it for sheer drape replacements. Anyway it's nice fabric at a good price.

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