My friend has a wooden tool box that she uses for her jewelry. It's large
and has big compartments. You can buy them online.

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I'm still packing my stuff to move to Sacramento. I have a fair amount of
steampunk and historic-inspired costume jewelry that's just big. 
Large necklaces. Chunky cuff bracelets. Tiaras. It's been lying around on
top of things because I didn't have any jewelry box big enough for it all.
I'd like a nice box, not the kind of plastic bin people use for sewing
supplies. (Artbin, anyone?) Preferably wooden, but leather would do.

And I'm not finding one. I've always thought the Reed & Barton jewelry boxes
(bought on Ebay) were the best quality for the money, but half their drawers
have small, fixed compartments for things like little pendants, which this
stuff won't fit into. I need a big box with big compartments and deep
drawers. Any suggestions?


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