And now I remember where I recognize you from, Chris. Rav. I’m 
oh-so-imaginitively MarjorieW.

==Marjorie Wilser (wandering a bit off topic)

> On Aug 19, 2016, at 7:46 AM, Chris Laning <> wrote:
> If the reason you need to know is to figure out how to wash it, you could 
> simply plan to hand wash it to be on the safe side. Baby things are small and 
> usually don't take forever to wash or dry.
> If there are other concerns (such as potential allergy), the smell and feel 
> tests should give you a clue. You can also ask other knitters to smell and 
> feel it if you're not sure you know how to tell.
> Alternatively -- neither of the "destructive" tests requires more than, say, 
> half an inch of yarn or a pea-sized quantity of fuzz.  Carefully clipping off 
> some "fuzz" from the inside without actually cutting any yarn, or looking for 
> a place to clip a little off the inside of a seam allowance, could let you be 
> sure.

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