Hello, I'm Lisa Ashton, and I have a non-profit under the umbrella of the
 International Costumer's Guild, called Miss Lizzy's Traveling Historical
Fashion Show.  My mission is to preserve, study and research Victorian
and Edwardian fashion and to understand better the commonplaces of
everyday life in the Victorian era.  I take both small and large
displays/exhibits of these items to costume-related conventions and talk
about them, and let people take photos and examine them in detail.    I
would LOVE to have authentic garments to add to Miss Lizzy's
collection--they are well taken-care-of, and I exhibit them in cycles. 
Right now I am concentrating on 1860's and the color green.  I am able to
provide a tax deduction receipt as well, if that would be needed.  

In addition to any articles of clothing, no matter how commonplace, I am
extremely interested in the following: Lady's vanity items such as vanity
caskets, hairbrushes and hand mirrors, gloves, millinery, quilts or
authentic period fabrics for study of colors and prints, hoops or bustle
cage crinolines, detachable collars or cuffs, hair wreaths and memorial
jewelry, antique photographs to document fashions and accessories, hose
(hard to find in any condition) corsets, chatelaines, sewing notions of
any kind (like pincushions etc.), parasols, fashion periodicals such as
Godey's or Petersons.  I am even interested in items as commonplace as an
antique carpet sweeper, and laundry tub.  

I would be happy to pay for  shipping costs as well. 

Lisa Ashton
"Miss Lizzy's Traveling Historical Fashion Show"

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> Hi,
> I received the following query through my website. If you are 
> interested or
> have any suggestions, please reply to Katherine Dill 
> katherined...@yahoo.com
> Thanks,
> ~mary
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> A small local historical society in Indiana has literally hundreds 
> of
> garments for which we need to find a new home. They are mid/late 
> 1800s
> and early 1900s, primarily women's, though some girls' and men's
> clothing.
> Do you have any interest or have any idea at all a company/museum 
> that
> might want them? I could provide a list of the items of you would 
> like
> more information about what we have. We really have no use for them
> and need to relocate them. Thanks.
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