Hi everyone,

out of personal interest I am studying a variety of persistence techniques. 
Among them, the H2 MVStore has drawn my attention a lot lately. I can see 
how to use the key-value store format to store relational data - the key is 
the row ID and the value is the serialized form of all column values that 
belong to that row. So far, so good for the primary index. However, in the 
post <https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/h2-database/k9sZCS12pvo>, the 
author said that it will also be used for secondary indexing, and I would 
be very interested in learning how that works on a conceptual level. In 
particular, I am interested in the case of non-unique indices. What is the 
key in this case, and what is the value? How are queries (e.g. "name like 
'%Eva%'") executed on such an index?

Perhaps someone from the H2 engineering team is reading this and is kind 
enough to provide some insight.

Thank you,

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