Am Montag, 19. September 2016 09:02:12 UTC+2 schrieb Noel Grandin:
> Looks like we actually store it as a map of <index keys...., row_no> -> 
> sentinel_value
> ‚Äč

That's an interesting design choice. It avoids the problem I've outlined 
above. However, the price to pay is that the ability to search for "partial 
keys" in the map is required. For example, you know the index key, but you 
don't know the row number (otherwise you would not need to do a search). 
This is rather untypical for key-value formats. Thanks for the pointer to 
the code, I've taken a first look at it (and I spotted the place where the 
map keys are built; you are absolutely right about the format), but I will 
need to analyze it a bit more.


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