Any progress with this issue? I have the same problem and it seems there is 
no solution for this.


2013. április 24., szerda 22:25:46 UTC+2 időpontban Peter a következőt írta:
> Thomas
>> I am having trouble with column name case sensitivity with linked tables 
> in SQL Server 2005.
> Example. The column name in SQL Server is RecordDate in the table 
> SecurityMaster
> I create a linked table as:
> create linked table if not exists 
> L_SecurityMaster(
> 'com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDriver', 
> 'jdbc:sqlserver://feedqa\SQL2005:1773;DatabaseName=testdb', 
> 'user', 'password', 
>         'dbo.SecurityMaster');
> Executing show columns from L_Securitymaster shows all the columns in 
> capitals, i.e. RECORDDATE instead of RecordDate.
> Various combinations of [RecordDate], 'RecordDate' and so on all fail for 
> one reason or another. I tried to search documentation but sorry I can't 
> see what I am supposed to do. Apologies for the both but what is the 
> correct way to link and query MS SQL Server tables with case sensitive 
> column names?
> Many thanks, Peter

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