On Sun, 27 Jul 2003, Neil Drumm wrote:
> About the footers, I consider it my job to make sure all the themes
> handle this the same, but I haven't asked the list exactly how these
> should be handled.

Okay.  It's good to have some consistency.

> Drupal lets admins set the footer message, we can have this
> appriopriatly set by default in the kit we are building. However,
> this does allow admins to go remove stuff that keeps themselves
> and us out of potential legal trouble.

I'll describe how i attempted to handle this problem in Bluesky 2.0 --
just as a starting point for ideas.  Please post on whether this
sounds reasonable, feel free to suggest better ways or policies, etc.

  - The theme has its own footer on its configuration page.  This
    footer contains the CC license message and the 11 CFR message.

  - This message has to announce who is paying for the site.  The
    "[SPONSOR]" variable is substituted into the 11 CFR message
    from the "Sponsor" field, another setting in the theme config.

  - An admin can change or erase the theme footer, but there's an
    explanation under the text box that recommends keeping the CFR
    message, with a link to the relevant section of the FEC site.

  - Both the site footer (from the site configuration page) and
    the theme footer appear together at the bottom of the page.

> Do we need a portion hardwired in and what language should it have?

That's still an open question.

At the moment all i know about is 11 CFR 110.11(a)(1)(iii).  See


It may be wise to hardcode this into themes.  I don't know.

Does anyone know of other requirements?

-- ?!ng

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