Hey guys,

--Added routine to "fix" (from my point of view): blog.module so that it
displays whose blog you're actually looking at as a headline, and so it
identifies the main blog page as a collection of the latest blog postings;
node.module so that it identifies what's going on at the "submit" page; and
the main page so that it tells you what the heck you're looking at there,
too. #1 complaint I got when I switched one of my sites to Drupal was, "what
am I looking at? I can't tell." This is my response, de-kludged so it will
work everywhere, not just at my site. (Suggestion for event.module: You may
want to add a "Scheduled Events" or something headline to the large
calendar. Always remember *WE* know what we're looking at, but most folks

--Added colors for event.module large calendar.

I will be adding these to my other themes as well, film at 11.

Tarball: http://www.siprelle.com/supersimpledean-0.2.tar.gz

Lynn S.

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