This page is a good example of need for using better wiki formating:
don't use tabs, you can't usually type them and they are unnecessary:

* Level 1
** Level 2

translates to:

    * Level 1
         * Level 2

I didn't go through and change all of that, maybe I would if I rigged up
some sort of sed script or something.

I whcaked the sites section since and
don't really need to be mentioned. Thanks for all the work on those
Zack, Josh, and others.

I updated my section to reflect what I am doing and reduce redundancy
between that page, my profile, and the tasks in the project module.


On Mon, Aug 04, 2003 at 11:10:17AM -0700, Ka-Ping Yee wrote:
> I'm no longer clear on what people are doing because i couldn't
> find the People page on
> So i brought over the People page just now and added it to the book.
> Could i ask you all to have a look at it check to see that it accurately
> reflects your current status?
> Thanks,
> -- ?!ng

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