Hi all.

I've been a little confused lately about where different projects
are going, so i'll post a note here on what i'm doing and encourage
you to do the same.

I'm backing off on the media module discussion for now, because I don't
think it's productive.  I understand the legal constraints that force
us to avoid establishing a hub outside of DFA.  I feel reasonably
confident that it will be possible to find a solution that's
distributed enough to satisfy this group, once we start discussing
specific design proposals rather than general philosophies.

I continue to have commitments to the Dean Media Team that I must
fulfill, which will involve some media module development.  The module
as it stands provides much of the functionality you need.  I remain
hopeful that you can extend it for the DeanSpace kit, and i'll update
you as work continues there.  But for now, I'll stop being the primary
developer on media-for-DeanSpace.

Alison has decided to take on the action module.  She says that ought
to be a fairly easy one-person job for what she has in mind.  That's
cool.  So i'm no longer on that either.

Zephyr and I have talked at length about Visible Volunteers, Get
Local, and Dean Action.  We have a great many ideas in common, and we
share a long-term vision for a central DFA site that coordinates and
connects people.  My description of the vision is in a note at
http;//deanaction.org/.  Zephyr has said she's thinking along the same
lines, though she may prioritize some things differently.  I'm very
excited about the opportunity to make that vision real.  So my primary
commitment will now be to the development of Visible Volunteers,
which I consider the first chapter of that story.

To sum up, I'm now focusing on exactly three commitments:

    1.  Dean Action, of which the first step is Visible Volunteers.
    2.  Media database work for the Dean Media Team (hoping that
            this will continue to be useful to DeanSpace).
    3.  BlueSky 3.0.

I hope i haven't made any serious errors in the above picture of things
and that you'll feel comfortable correcting any errors that are there.

I also hope you'll post a note so we can all be clear on what everyone's
current commitments are.


-- ?!ng

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