On Mon, Oct 10, 2016 at 12:09:39AM +0200, Aaron Marcher wrote:
> Fellow hackers,
> my name is Aaron Marcher but I am better known as drkhsh. I started using
> suckless software about two years ago. Since then I have been using dwm, st
> and all the other great programs. About a year ago I joined IRC. I never
> posted to the mailing list so thats the reason for this short introduction
> about myself.
> Now to the actual content: I always wanted some statusbar in dwm. I started
> with some shell script as pointed out in the wiki but it grew and used a lot
> of resources. So I started to hack something in C. That project, which was
> initially forked by "dwmstatus" and only intended to be used by me grew and
> became something bigger. I started to write it, so that it can be easily
> used by other people. Multiple entries per function (e.g. multiple
> batteries) are
> supported and everything can be reordered and customized via a C header file
> (similar to other suckless programs).
> The following information is included:
> - Battery percentage/state
> - CPU usage (in percent)
> - Custom shell commands
> - Date and time
> - Disk[s] status (free storage, percentage, total storage and used storage)
> - Available entropy
> - Username/GID/UID
> - Hostname
> - IP addresses
> - Load averages
> - Memory status (free memory, percentage, total memory and used memory)
> - Temperature
> - Uptime
> - Volume percentage (ALSA)
> - WiFi signal percentage and ESSID
> Currently I am working on porting it to BSD as it is only made for Linux at
> the moment.

We are also working on a similar project[0] and has code to do some of
the stuff you mentioned on BSD.  You might be able to reuse that instead
of writing your own.

[0] http://git.2f30.org/spoon/

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