That question was asked on the SDR# IRC channel about a three weeks ago.
Q: How do I enable the "Bias-T" on the HackRF One in SDR#
A: You can not currently.
There are two files in the SDR# folder to do with the HackRF:
SDRSharp.HackRF.dll (SDR# frontend interface) and hackrf.dll (standard hackrf

"strings" on SDRSharp.HackRF.dll shows that it contains no calls to anything any
function mentioning "bias" or "antenna"
"strings" on hackrf.dll does show that it has the
"hackrf_set_antenna_enable(device, (uint8_t)antenna_enable)" function in it, but
without something calling it not much will happen.

At a guess the code was ported over from the Jawbreaker which had no for Bias-T,
so that is probably why that function is missing. I'm sure adding this is at the
bottom of a very long todo list by the developers of SDR#.

On 21/09/2016 19:57, peter wrote:
> i would like to feed an external lna with the Hackrf's antennaport 3.3 Volts
> power in SDR#(windows), no luck so far, does anybody know how to do this?
> ps: this line does not provide the antennaport power: <add
> key="HackRFExternalAmp" value="True" /> only for internal amp it seems
> Regards,
> Peter.
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