I don't think so.

I'm (was) just trying to  update my FW.
This needs two actions, one in HackRf-one and the other in my PC (host)

I thought (may be I'm wrong) that the answers where in: <> <>

Updating the FW itself was an easy task.

Now, when I have done what is written in I faced one issue.

May be I should know and do something which is well known by everybody.
This "cookbook" however is missing explanation for somebody who is not aware of prerequisites.

That's the issue.

Solved, thanks to Phil information.


Marc, alias cuagn (F6dnh)

Le 04/08/2017 à 20:10, Andrew Rich a écrit :
I think you might be thinking that apt-get download some file to your pc and u think there is a host directory missing

This is not the case

apt-get knows where to install it for you


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On 5 Aug 2017, at 1:34 am, Marc Péquignot < <>> wrote:


Thank you for the precision. I was aware of this.
The question (remark) should have been related to the host directory.
After "|sudo apt-get install build-essential cmake libusb-1.0-0-dev pkg-config libfftw3-dev", *where is this host directory supposed to be?*|

|Some explaination is missing.|

|With the unzip of "| <>" I've it.

If I misunderstand something it is here.
And explaination is welcome.

Thank you for your help


Marc, alias cuagn (F6dnh)

Le 04/08/2017 à 19:02, Andrew Rich a écrit :

cmake ..

Means in LINUX “cmake but go BACK one directory”

the double dot means go back one directory in LINUX

did it work ?


On 4 Aug 2017, at 11:57 pm, Marc Péquignot < <>> wrote:

Just need to do...
Not so easy.

It is said :

"##How to build the host software on Linux:
###Prerequisites for Linux (Debian/Ubuntu): |
sudo apt-get install build-essential cmake libusb-1.0-0-dev pkg-config libfftw3-dev|

###Build host software on Linux:

|mkdir host/build cd host/build cmake .. ..." |
|How cmake.. can do something in a newly and empty directory? |
|Some information is missing |
|I'm lost! |
|Please help |
|Marc , alias cuagn (F6dnh) |
|My context : Ubuntu: 16.04.3 LTS Linux: 4.10.0-30-generic Gnuradio : |

2017-08-04 14:35 GMT+02:00 Marc Péquignot < <>>:


    Mainly GNU radio.
    Or any other tool which may help.
    I've been outside of hackrf for two years. Need to came back now...

    Howerver, in the meean time I've found the answer to my question.
    Not very far away...

    Just need to do.

    Marc alias cuagn (F6dnh)

    2017-08-04 14:28 GMT+02:00 Andrew Rich <

        What SW on Ubuntu are u going to use ?


        > On 4 Aug 2017, at 7:53 pm, Marc Péquignot
        <>> wrote:
        > After a long time of inactivity, i decided to restart.
        > I've first installed Ubuntu 16.04 LTS as an upgrade of my
        old version 14
        > The I've upgraded the FW of my Hackrf-One.
        > No problem.
        > Found HackRF board 0:
        > USB descriptor string: 0000000000000000457863c8251f431f
        > Board ID Number: 2 (HackRF One)
        > Firmware Version: 2017.02.1
        > However, I've read somewhere that a lib and a program
        need also to be updated.
        > Which one? I'm not able to find again this info.
        > Could you help please?
        > Thank you
        > cuagn
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