I can not get the hackrf to work well with gnuradio, the only thing that
comes out in qtgui_freq_sink or in qtgui_sink_ is flat noise with the peak
of the offset dc in the center.

He intentado diferentes  niveles de ganancia pero no hay cambios en el

however with gqrx or in windows with the analyzer of pavsa the hackrf
behaves perfectly

This is my hackrf.

hackrf_info version: 2018.01.1
libhackrf version: 2018.01.1 (0.5)
Found HackRF
Index: 0
Serial number: 0000000000000000a06063c82566ad5f
Board ID Number: 2 (HackRF One)
Firmware Version: 2018.01.1 (API: 1.02)
Part ID Number: 0xa000cb3c 0x00474f57

Thank you
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