From: Dominic Spill
Date: 2018-06-12 18:17
To: jf.dev...@gmail.com
CC: hackrf-dev
Subject: Re: [Hackrf-dev] Hackrf1 with gnuradio 3.7.11 win64.msi
On 12 June 2018 at 04:12, jf.dev...@gmail.com <jf.dev...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm a french physics teacher not a computer expert
> I use hackRf1 with grc  on a  Pentoo  Linux   USB stick boot      with my 
> students in electronics  since 2 years to measure emission reception levels 
> with an hackrf1 for emission and a DBTV  USB stick for reception   both on 
> the same computer
> (I have been unable to install GRC  under a Linux system otherwise)
> I now try to use GRC/HackRF1   under Windows 7 ( which is my usual computer 
> system)
> The new .msi   gnuradio windows installation   3.7.11   works   in my 
> computer   under windows 7

Where did the .msi file come from?  could you give us a link to the download?

> GRC works without using external  sources and sinks
> But   it doesn't   works   with Hackrf1  (osmocom source)    it creates a 
> python.exe  bug
> I tried with  the  DBTV  USB stick    rtlsdr source :  grc doesn't   
> communicate with the usb  ( null source instead) 
> Do I need a pilot or something else  to run  osmocom and   rtlsdr sources  
> with GRC  under windows 7?

I suspect this is because while the .msi contained GNU Radio, GRC, and 
gr-osmosdr, it doesn't include the libraries required for using HackRF or the 
RTL-SDR devices that gr-osmosdr uses.

I don't have much experience of using them, but I've heard good things about 
the binary packages hosted here: http://downloads.myriadrf.org/builds/PothosSDR/


Thank you for your answer
I tried to run GRC from the Pothos  installation but GRC is unable to find my 
Python 2.7 already installed
I'll tried to reinstall  Python 2.7

JF Devois

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