Hello folks, have had my HackRF for about a week and am going thru
Michael's tutorials & other tutorials. Love this device.

Are the eBay items described as "New External TCXO clock PPM 0.1 for HackRF
One GPS Applications GSM/WCDMA/LTE" for $10-12 the appropriate part to buy?
(noob here)

Or can some similar item be bought that has SMA jacks on it and can be
connected via cable to the jack on the rear of the HackRF?

The $10 clock looks like it'll require leaving the top half of the case
off, is why i ask.

At 434 MHz doing hackrf_transfer i'm getting 700 to 1000 hz drift
(downwards in freq) on a replayed CW signal, in ten minutes, which (if i'm
calculating this correctly) is 1.6 to 2.3 ppm.

I'm being careful to use the correct antenna on the HackRF, keep gains low,
and use low xmit power (2W) on my amateur transceiver across the room (to
record an rf_transfer). Possibly i should put an attenuator on the 2W radio.

Thanks for comments.

Orrin in NE Calif.
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