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Those of you who attended my lecture about DVD authoring may recall that I mentioned a "bug" in the encoder, which causes green boxes to appear on the screen when played on my DVD player. I asked about this in the mencoder-user mailing list a couple of weeks ago. The answer came only recently, out of the blue, as follows:

Michael Niedermayer wrote:

does it work with vstrict >= 0 ? (this is absolutely required anyway for 
standards compliant)
So there we have it: Just say vstrict=1, and those green boxes are history! (I tried it, of course)

After all, this wasn't a bug, just a detail missing in the docs (I'm telling the mplayer guys, of course).

I've updated my slides at http://haifux.org/lectures/151/ to reflect this, so they don't complain about the "bug" anymore, but are written as if I knew about this beforehand. The example use of mencoder was corrected, of course.

So now nothing stands in the way of making good DVDs of our own videos!


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