Hi everybody!

In case you've been using Open Office, and found the lack of math signs support or support of real tables very frustrating, there's a solution!

OOoLaTeX : http://ooolatex.sourceforge.net/

you can now add LaTeX equations into your presentation!

Advantages: Anything you can do in LaTeX - you can do here (including tables, very abusive math, e.g., have ( in one line, and the closing ) in a different line).

Disadvantages: The expression is compiled into a picture (PNG, epm, and emf are supported). If you need to change something - tough lack.

So --- if anyone needs it -- enjoy it.
And if someone would be kind enough to find a way to embed the LaTeX info into the picture, so double clicking on it would allow people with this macro to edit the object - god bless her/him.


Orr Dunkelman,

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