Next Monday, 15.1, usual time, usual place, haifux will meet to hear Ido Kanner talking about

                FPC - Beyond the myth, when clearing the fog

The lecture is divided into two:
Part one:

1. Changing the way of looking at the language, from an obsolete education language, to a full professional language. 2. When you look in the C language for a reserve word, you might looking for something different on Pascal, that will do the same thing 3. A very biased view on how Pascal does things -> to give different point of view on the language

Part two - FPC:

1. General Information regarding the open source compiler known and Free Pascal
   2. Looking at Lazarus
3. View of the unique structure of FPC, that is differs from most compilers out there.
   4. Information about the community of FPC itself.

Orr Dunkelman,

"If it wasn't for C, we'd be writing programs in BASI, PASAL, and OBOL", anon

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