Hi Everyone

I am not sure if I should mail this only to linux-il. I apology if you gets 
this mail twice.


I would like to here your advice


I am the administrator or the System & Software Development Laboratory (SSDL) 
in the computer science department at the Technion.

I have a RHEL 4 application server. The server can be accesses via ssh from 
everywhere (meaning outside of the Technion). We would like to add 2 additional 
services to our users: version control (including web interface) & wiki. The 
access to the new services can be from everywhere. Some of the data will have 
anonymous read access but most of it will require authentication for read & 


  1.. Can you recommend a good implementation of version control & wiki (we 
would like to use free software)
  2.. From a security point of view, what is the risk of installing the version 
control & wiki on the application server? Do you recommend to install the wiki 
on a separate machine and expose (maybe for read only) the files from the 
version control to the wiki machine? Do you have any better system architecture?
  3.. Can you recommend on raid controller for Linux. I will probably use 2-3 
SATA disks


Shahar Dag

System & Software Development Laboratory (SSDL)
Computer Science Department
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Haifa, Israel
Tel. 972-4-8294880
Fax 972-4-8293900
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