Hi Haifa guys 


A youth club near "Gesher Paz" needs help: I donated two PCs with Linux


Somehow, I couldn't make the internet work there. Before I donated the PCs,
the PCs were working at my home, in a similar way (local network, router,

This club is serving a community which can't afford computers at home, and
this club is very important, giving the kids an alternative to the streets.


One of the local kids was assigned to teach the others how to use the Linux
machines, but the lake of Internet makes the kids run to the Windows.


If someone can help, and solve this problem - he will do a great service.
This will also bring the Linux into the kids attention.


I hope someone can help





More computers are always needed there! If you have a PC you don't need -
just let me know. All computers go to a good purpose.

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