Hello List,

Alon Altman brought up the lack of material / people to lecture at the last
meeting (DV).

I have a strange feeling that the club is fading away. Less and less
lectures are given, the last W2L series was held last two years ago....

I think we (the HAIFUX) have a lot of potential and we are not making
the  most of it.

A similar thing happened to the Jerusalem club, and I took it upon me to
revive it before moving to Haifa almost four years ago...

I realize people are busy. I am too. I have an 8 to 5 job and two small kids
at home.

I think it is essential for us to keep the club alive and kicking.

One idea I had: find a way to publish a monthly short newsletter (at least
around the Technion and Haifa U, for starters) regarding GNU/Linux and
what's going on in Israel.
It could be as simple as excerpts from Linmagazine, Whatsup and IGLU and
maybe a rundown of what went on the various Israeli LUGs during that

This will spread the word and bring more people to GNU/Linux and the LUGs.

On that note, I am prepared to give a flash-lecture regarding the Nokia 770
Internet Tablet. I would like to show device itself, possible applications
and explore the possibility to add Hebrew support...


Amichai Rotman

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