Time+Place : Monday 16/04/2007 18:30, Taub 3
Speaker    : Zvi Devir
Host       : Haifa Linux Club
Title      : The Children's Machine (AKA the $100 laptop)
             and the OLPC initiative

Abstract   :
One Laptop per Child (OLPC) is a non-profit organization dedicated for
the development and construction of the Children's Machine, commonly
known as the $100 laptop. The Children's Machine is an inexpensive
laptop computer that will be distributed to children, especially in
developing countries, to provide them with access to knowledge and
modern forms of education.

In this talk, the OLPC project and the Children's Machine will be
presented. I'll talk about the concepts of the project, and discuss some
of the hardware and software considerations. The presentation will be
given with a XO-B2 machine.

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