Just a thought, what make you think that syscalls are slower? If i understand 
correctly, syscalls are not context switches, just passing into kernel mode 
which you will have to do anyway.

On Monday 23 April 2007 12:01:55 Ohad Lutzky wrote:
> Hello hackers :)
> I'm doing an academic project at the Technion, which relates to
> wireless networking. My host wants to use the project as a base for a
> free-beer application, but is not willing - at least at this point -
> to make the source code available to everyone.
> Now, to utilize wireless networking in Linux, the sensible path seems
> to be along iwconfig, which uses iwlib, which in turn uses ioctl calls
> to communicate with the wireless extensions in the Linux kernel. Using
> iwconfig directly with "system" calls is most likely out of the
> question, for being slow, unclean, and perhaps of changing interface.
> Using iwlib directly would be a far better option - but it's licensed
> under the GPL, and AFAIK linking against a library counts as
> 'distributing' it, which would force our software to be under the GPL.
> Using ioctl calls directly seems to be in the clear, but we might have
> to use hacks from libiw, which would, again, be problematic...
> Can anyone help make the legal situation here clearer?

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