Hello again,

and thank you for your answers. The truth is that I'm working on a small tty-based utility, which allows remote help, exactly the way I want it. I was surprised that such doesn't exist already.

Vino is an interesting possibility, but when all you have is someone who tells you he just installed Linux, and hasn't got a clue, I want something that will work with as few troubles as possible. Such as the fact that the person I want to help has a shared IP.

So this brings me to good old tty games. Now I want my (konsole, xterm, gnome-terminal) terminal window to resize itself in order to match the person I want to help, so that curses-based applications (vi, less and others) work properly.

Getting the counterpart's window size is easy: ioctl(0, TIOCGWINSZ, (char *)&win). Suppose I got the numbers over to the other side, I could then set them with ioctl(0, TIOCSWINSZ, (char *)&win). But nothing happens when I do that.

I also found some escape sequences for resizing (ESC CSI 4; rows; cols) but that didn't work either.

So, does anyone here know a fairly portable way to resize a terminal window?

Thanks in advance,

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