Hi All,
I'm the co founder of the Monoppix <http://www.monoppix.com/> project. Which
is basically a live cd distro, based on Knoppix (what else) that its
main goal is "*Showcasing and spreading Mono technology which is a free .NET
framework implementation to linux/unix operating systems." *  In short it is
a development oriented distribution , aimed to windows c# developers to get
to know how to develop C# application on Linux with Mono and also for linux
people wanting to starting developing C# on linux.
I can give a one hour presentation on the live cd development process, how
to use to test windows based .Net application on linux and how to use the
integrated development environment (which includes an IDE, a ready to use
MySql DB and a ASP.NET <http://asp.net/> with a web server system)
Hope you'll find this interesting.
(The lecture would be in hebrew of course..)
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