Hi everybody,

Well, we all know that feeling when we try to approach the website
http://some.url.here and fail because they require IE on a windows

While the situation is slowly getting better (in some aspects), we are
still far away from the wonderland we promised ourselves (yeah, once
there will be 1000's of Linux users, once there will be an official
organization, once the moon will be green). In these instances we
usually complain when we hit a specific website where things do not
work. This sometimes lead to better support, but sometimes not. The
reason for failure is that we usually do not act as a group.

Hence, I would like to suggest a "rant" meeting, where we will all sit
down together, and at the same time send complaint letters to as many
websites as possible (even those we are not users of). While it is
easy to answer to 1 person complaining on lack of true support, 20
people, each writing their own letter arriving at the same time (give
or take), is something which is harder to discard.

Before the meeting we will collect the offending websites, and in the
meeting, each of us will send a polite email (with emphasis on
"polite") to the webmasters of all the websites (even if you are not a
client, mention that you cannot become a client until they have
support for your browser).

Besides a hope for a better tomorrow for us and our children ;) we
will also increase our exposure, maybe shift things in the right
direction, and of course, have a wonderful time ranting on all the
nasty webmasters who insist that IE is the only solution.

Any takers? (btw, this is a meeting which we can also hold
electronically, so those of us who cannot attend physically, can
attend through chats, IMs, and such),

Orr Dunkelman,

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